Parkade Cleaning Services

Cutting Through Dust & Grime

 True North Janitorial Services is well-equipped to keep your parkade clean and functioning for your employees and visitors.  And when it comes to making a good first impression, a well-kept parkade speaks to a high-quality of management that new business will find attractive. True North Janitorial Services provides a wide array of services, listed below.

The True North Advantage:

The Right Equipment For The Job
Clean & Fresh With Every Visit
Periodic Services Available

Power Sweeping

We work to eliminate the daily build up of debris, gravel and dirt to help increase the appearance and longevity of your parkade structure.

Pressure Washing and Power Scrubbing

Pressure washing and power scrubbing works hard to remove anything stubborn left behind after sweeping, including tire marks and other unsightly stains. We recommend this service as needed as well as in the spring to ensure all winter debris is fully removed.

Oil & Grease Removal

Nothing is more unsightly than oil and grease stains on the ground of a parkade.  Our cleaning specialists can remove these stains to get your parkade back to looking like new.

Garbage Room Cleaning

Having a clean and fresh garbage room is important, but often overlooked.  We will ensure your garbage room is clean, functional and free from smells.

Walls and Pipe Cleaning

Wiping down walls, and ensuring exposed pipes are clean and free from dirt and debris, is an important part of our services. Our technicians ensure that not only is the parkade floor free from stains, but that the walls are as well.​​

At True North Janitorial Services, we’re flexible so you don’t have to be. Whether you’d like to schedule us for recurring parkade cleans, or for a one-time appointment, we’re here to help!

We want to exceed your expectations, call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

We would have no reservations in recommending True North Janitorial Services to any company considering a change or looking for an improvement in their current cleaners. True North Denture & Implant Centre

Cochrane, Alberta

We are very pleased with he quality and the professionalism that is provided by them. We have found the cleaners to be consistent with the cleaning and they ensure that they complete all the areas covered in our agreement. TBM Logistics Ltd.

Calgary, Alberta

Parkade Cleaning

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